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Welcome! If you're a beginner interested in learning slide guitar (also called Bottleneck guitar), looking for free lessons, tips and info on open tunings or links for slide guitar or blues and bluegrass music, you might find this site useful.
Slide Guitar for Beginners started out as a practice project for me when I was teaching myself HTML. As I was also teaching myself slide guitar at the time it seemed like a good subject for the site. As I learnt more about slide guitar techniques, open tunings and blues and bluegrass music I used the site as a way of keeping notes on what I'd worked out. It has since proved to be surprisingly popular (see the hit counter below!). Please feel free to copy stuff off this site, print it out, or whatever for personal use.... this site is FREE.
Please note that some of the things you may read here are my own personal opinions on the subject, and therefore if you disagree with any of them, you are totally wrong. ___If you you drop by, Please sign the guestbook!

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